April 13, 2016

Build 2016: Announcing tomorrow’s cloud innovations for today’s developers

Every business and industry is being transformed by the cloud – and as cloud speed, scale and agility continue to increase, so too does what’s possible using cloud services. Imagine a dairy farmer who can improve his cows’ milk production by hooking them up to monitoring sensors. Or a hospital that can auto-monitor hygiene practices to make it a safer place. Or a car that can alert you to traffic and save you hassle on the way to work. All this is happening today, thanks to exponentially increasing amounts of data, and new ways to analyze this data for better business insights and connect it to a growing number of devices.


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February 2, 2016

Microsoft’s audacious Project Natick wants to submerge your data in the oceans

Project Natick capsules put data center servers underwater for five years at a time.

Microsoft Research has a new concept that could bring data centers powering cloud services closer to roughly half of the world’s population. All it requires is a custom submarine capsule designed to go five years at a time without a visit from a technician.

The company’s R&D department recently went public with Project Natick, a data center enclosed in a steel capsule that sits on the ocean floor.


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