May 6, 2014

ADIGE – Adaption and Control of Service-based Business Processes

Thanks to modern software and cloud computing, there is a growing market for the suppliers of software components, products and services.

In the future, largely, without any manual steps, business processes will adapt to account for the dynamically changing number of providers, especially, for the reordering of goods in the retail market. Emergent software permits the integration of such adaptive business processes so even the small and medium sized providers will participate quite profitably.

ADIGEADIGE system architecture

Software Cluster partners DFKI (German Research Center for Artifical Intelligence), Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL), Software AG and Saarland University developed the technology demonstrator ADIGE (Adaption and Control of Service-based Business Processes) to highlight the potentials of emergent software. Adaptable processes linked to semantic methods and assistance agents form the basis of the automated selection and composition of the service. Besides the adaption of business processes at the time of design and support for process modeling, another priority of ADIGE is the enabling of adaption during operations.

This involves the capture and processing of sensor data, for example, from RFID equipped goods in a salesroom or in the warehouse, as a virtual three dimensional graphic display of a supermarket. As the sensors recognize the removal of goods from the shelf, the virtual product also disappears from the respective shelf in the 3-D model. The Management Dashboard (a central processing unit) can then initiate the reorder process much earlier. This gives the managers of such supermarkets, a simple possibility to control the environment and issue instructions, if necessary.

Manual steps like the definitive selection of a supplier, can also be performed in a mobile environment with ADIGE. Context is used so that the task to be completed can be sent either to a stationary computer or a mobile phone for processing, depending on where the employee is located at the moment. Emergent systems help to accelerate the execution speed of the service programs in use.

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Source: DFKI – News – 1/2014

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